Short term rental in Le Moule, Guadeloupe

Designed to make your business or tourist stay a pleasant experience and make you feel at home.

You don’t have an idea of where to go for your holidays? Would you like to stay in Guadeloupe? Then why not stay in Le Moule?

It’s a perfect destination for sports or even cultural activities. Le Moule is a perfect destination to spend a holiday with family, friends or as a couple. Finally, Le Moule has a huge diversity of culinary flavours with many restaurants.

To conclude, Le Moule is a perfect destination for a holiday in Guadeloupe!

Are you looking for a holiday flat in Guadeloupe? Why not rent a flat instead of booking a hotel room?

There are a few reasons why you should consider renting accommodation instead of organising your stay around a hotel room. With the help of an online booking service, you can easily find an address to rent and book it just before you leave.

You will have the possibility to rent a flat in the mountains or by the beach, depending on your needs and wishes. When you book a hotel room, you are limited to the food and drinks that the hotel restaurant offers. When you book a rental, you can cook to your heart’s content in your own kitchen.

By renting a flat in Guadeloupe, you will be able to organise yourself as you wish, while enjoying the environment and the facilities of the place.

Tourists want to rent a flat for their holidays. It is a solution that allows them to discover Guadeloupe in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

We will give you some useful information to prepare your rental. Here are the different facilities available in the flat:

The kitchen is equipped with a microwave oven, a coffee machine, a kettle and a toaster. There is also a table with chairs.

The bathroom is equipped with towels, soap, washing machine, drying rack and steam iron.

The master bedroom is furnished with a Queen size double bed and a single bed as well as a dressing room with a safe. You will also find a map of the town of Le Moule and a map of Guadeloupe.

Are you thinking of renting a holiday flat or hotel for your holiday? Or do you just want to find out more before booking your next romantic getaway?

In that case, here are the main services you can find in the holiday flat:

  • Automatic check-in/check-out service
  • Cleaning service is included in the price of the stay.
  • The accommodation has an internet connection.
  • Diving masks are available.
  • Possibility to request the use of scooters.